A Rendezvous

She said she loves driving. She laughs at the way I speak Telegu. Her smile can kill anyone. She reminds me of how times are changing, and how today’s women are taking the driver’s seat.

I met her on a boring Sunday afternoon. Being new to the city, what impressed me most about her was the fact that she was driving around confidently, as if she had known the city for years. We spoke to each other over the phone and decided to meet up on a Sunday for a casual rendezvous.

I waited for her in front of the place where we had decided to meet, sitting on the stairs sipping a Pepsi in the “Subway” labeled paper glass, and smoking an expensive cigarette. Every passing minute filled me up with excitement. Every drag of smoke was forming an image of a beautiful girl in my mind. Every new image made the left side of my head throb a little, it gave me a tinkling feeling which left me to wonder “Could it be her”? Some of them even came right towards me looking straight in the eyes, my heart skipped a beat each time, in apprehension of her appearance. By the time I gathered my senses to get up and extend my hand, they walked passed me as if I am an insignificant object which is lying carelessly at the steps.

The phone in my pocket came alive and started vibrating. I picked up the call and said hello! A sweet voice from the other side said “I am here”, and the phone went dead. She was close by, I could feel her presence, and I could sense my heart beating erratically. That’s when I saw a black Santro stop in front of me, a beautiful girl from the driver’s seat looking at my direction. Beautiful!! I said to myself. How do you define beauty? How could I ever define her beauty to you?

In Tagore’s word “Beauty is that profound expression of reality which satisfies our hearts without any other allurements but its own ultimate value”. That profound expression, that ultimate value simplified my entire life’s irrational equation to a zero.

I crossed the road and climbed into the car. When I gave her a close look for the very first time, no time stopped, no winds blew, no violins played in the background but it was just the sound of my heart beat which filled my head for the fraction of that moment. Blood rushed to my feet and words failed me, however, I quickly recovered to utter a meek “Hi”!! The ice was broken, the moment of truth passed. The awkward moment was over. If I come to think of it now there wasn’t actually any awkward moment, it was as if we had known each other for ages. We drove all around the city, had dinner in a nice cozy restaurant. We spent the entire evening chatting each other up, cracking jokes, and laughing. Both of us were so deeply into the conversation that we didn’t even hear the usher’s bell, the last call before they shut the place. Although I so badly wanted this to last for the entire night we had to leave. Half heartedly I bid farewell and went back home. On my way back I thought, everything went so well, how had that been possible? It was me, how can everything go smooth for me? There has to be something wrong. That’s when I realized that something was indeed wrong.

I was in Love।

Shoumik De

Edited by: NZ


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