A mother’s heart.

Author Note: This is not my original concept. I had heard about it a long time ago from my mother, how a son rips her mothers heart out and that heart still care’s for her son. This is an attempt to make it into a small story to share it with you guys. The credit goes to the original creator of the story.

There was a young married woman whose husband died in an accident soon after the marriage. Her in-laws threw her out of their house; her parents won’t take her back. Young widow with 3 months old child in her womb, determined to give birth to the child who’s the only one left in her life. Fighting against this cruel world managed to make her living and gives birth to a male child. The child was everything to her. She loved him very much. Someday when there was very little food, she would happily sacrifice that for her son, only to sleep in empty stomach. Looking at the happy and smiling face of her son makes her hunger disappear. When the son had fever she would not blink her eye even for a moment and look after him the entire night and praying for him to get well. He was an apple of her eye.

When the child grew old his demands started growing and his affection towards his mother started to go down. Now his friends were more important than his mother. He would not come back home till late night. When he comes back home he would be drunk. When he went to the college he asked for a bike. His mother bought him a new bike selling her jewelry without even him asking for it twice. His mother had decided that she’ll provide every happiness to his son what she didn’t get.

One day he fell in love with a girl. From that day the girl became everything for him. He forgot about everyone around him. The girl was very demanding, always wanting something or the other from him. Once his mother tried to tell him about the girl and told him that she is not the right girl for him but he won’t listen, instead he shouted at her and left her crying… alone.

He soon wanted to marry her but she wanted a big fancy wedding. The mother sold her everything and got them married the way they wanted. The girl made her mother do all the work at home and still kept complaining to her husband about his mother. Both of them made her life even worst then what it was. But she didn’t speak a word and kept her mouth shut all because her son was happy. That all what she wanted.

The girl didn’t stop at that… her needs kept growing and finally she took the son away from his mother. Her wantonness was yet unfulfilled, so she asked him to get his mothers heart out of her. Not wanting to upset his wife, the man went to his mother, took a knife and ripped open her mother’s chest and took the heart out. Holding his dead mothers heart in his hand he walked proudly back to please his wife. On the way he tripped and fell down. On the process his mother’s heart fell down from his hand little ahead of him and a voice came out from that heart… “Son are you ok, hope you are not hurt.”


Shoumik De


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