A Crazy Dream…

Poets Note: The pic associated with this poem is called Waxed Butterfly by my good friend Vijaya Sri Sanjevi and was featured in “Light and Composition Magazine”


I didn’t want to wake up today, as you were in my dreams…

Today I saw you in my dreams,
You came wearing something funny,
I remember, you dressed like a pink bunny
In the bunny suit you looked so cute…
Cute… cute… cute… I kept saying that, until…
You threw the remote on me and I went mute.

You came out of bunny suit, wearing a lovely Sari,
Speechless as I was, you looked so pretty, my eyes popped out wide…
You then took my hand and drove in your Red Ferrari
We drove here and we drove there, flew across Egypt and over Kalahari,
Lingered in the desert, played near pyramids…
Then we decided to go on a wild African Safari.

So many wild animals we met, and partied with them all night,
But you went to sleep early, didn’t wanted to miss the early morning flight,
They asked me why we didn’t bring the Indian Tigers, before we slept,
I told them sadly, because there are only 1411 left…
Next morning I saw you were taking interview of a Hyena in white shirt and black frock,
You asked him his strategy on the market calling him a laughing stock.

We also saw an Orangutan and Tarantula and something I don’t even know,
It was a strange animal, with six legs, two head and four arms, looked like my boss though…
We ran away from there and found ourselves in a desert of snow
A white carpet of ice below and sky covered with dark smoke,
Smoke was coming out of a volcano; it caused all the European flights to choke…
Found out while cooking dinner, it was the baingan-ka-bharta that you burnt, ha ha ha what a joke.

And when I stopped laughing I found myself on the beach…
Basking in the sun, you were sipping an ice tea, peach.
The sun was melting in the ocean, drowning into the waves, leaving behind the empty sky
Everything seemed so romantic; you came close to me and looked deep into my eye…
Bells started to ring in the heart and butterflies in my tummy…
You came even closer; my heart skipped a beat, your trembling lips were so close to mine…
Suddenly you hit me on my head, Ouch!, and said “Wake up, rise and shine”

I opened my eyes but you weren’t there, sun glaring at me in anger it seems…
But I didn’t want to wake up today, as you were in my dreams.

Shoumik De


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