A beautiful day!!

Which side of whose bed did I get up from? Everything that could possibly go wrong royally went wrong that day. I was rudely awakened by a phone call in the morning, it was my friend’s wife informing me that my friend hadn’t come home last night. They had had a fight, and he had walked off saying that he was going to my place. I consoled her that I will find him and bring him back. Though I had a very important interview to attend but I thought if I could reschedule that. There were voices inside my head telling me things that could be done to find my missing friend, I couldn’t hear the knock at the door until it became louder than the voices in my head. It was my land lord at the door step.

It wasn’t very difficult to hate him, a typical Marwari character, his mount stuffed with “pan parag”, wearing a white Kurta (with the spots of pan parag) and a dhoti which had probably never been ironed. Standing there smiling he said to me “you have to vacate the flat today, I hope you remember”. I used all the patience left in me and managed a fake smile to tell him “I do. Don’t worry I will be gone by the end of the day”. I shut the door behind him and sat down with my hand over my head, I couldn’t believe this was happening to me. How could I forget that I had to vacate the flat today and I have not yet found an substitute for this flat!

The first priority was to find my friend. I don’t know how many times I called in his cell phone but found it was switched off at all times. Finally I managed to locate one of our common friends who helped me find him. I rushed to meet him, after crossing the labyrinth of nurses, doctors and already suffering patients in the corridor of the government hospital. I saw him lying unconscious on the blood soaked bed. A nurse informed me that he had met with a major accident and was brought to the hospital last night. By the time his wife arrived I had already made the necessary arrangements.

I rushed back to my flat, for I had an important interview to attend. I took a shower and got ready for the interview. When I opened the door to go out I found the landlord standing there grinning at me. I was surprised to see him so early, the only thing what he said is “The Key”? That’s when I realized that it was already evening and my interview was at 3 PM. Somehow I managed to congregate all my belongings in record time, stuffed everything into a huge bed sheet and left the flat. While I was still wondering where to go with all my stuff, I got a call from the company where I was supposed to go for the interview. They said I had missed the opportunity because it couldn’t be rescheduled. I looked up at the sky and shouted “Can anything else go wrong today”? I was seething with rage, pain, agony. All sorts of emotion filled me like the air fills up a vacuum. That’s when my phone rang again, in frustration and irritation I picked up the call and spoke very rudely into it . The voice that came from the other side was the most soothing and sweetest of voices I’ve ever heard. Tears began to flow down my cheeks. For a moment I thought it was the call from the GOD, it wasn’t, however it was no less. It was my mother. After listening to the entire events of the day she calmly said “Don’t worry, just sleep over it. Tomorrow is a new day”!!

I was filled with confidence and joy. My face broke into a big smile and I shouted back at the sky “What a beautiful day”!!

Shoumik De


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