The mysteries of Mussoorie.

Authors note: All characters and events mentioned in the story are not entirely fictitious. Any similarity to actual events or persons, living or dead, or living after death is purely incidental. Chapter 1 There are some places that make you a writer even before you know how to write. There are stories looming at every corner of Mussoorie, […]


  In spite of it being a Sunday, Rohan wasn’t excited about his favorite cartoon program in the television. He was just sitting in his room, looking out of the window, his tiny little mind filled with thousand questions today. Usually, Sundays are Rohan’s favorite; like most  other kids. He would come back from Sunday […]

Pinch of salt

The sun is shining the sky is blue But I can only think of you… And all I do is sit and think… Only about you without a blink The days pass and the nights yearn From all that has happened, I wish I could learn That life isn’t always what you desire It leaves […]

A Mystry…

Windblown sails… racing the sea… yes, she falls… but she rises… mystery all around… you’d like to solve… Is that really all of her? Am I in love with you? With those lips that are proud And a voice that has no doubt, Those eyes who know what their dream is And a look that […]

Entangled Lives

I. EL-1 “Flying in the air, dodging the electric poles and millions of naked wires running through it, on a hot and humid Mumbai morning, a crow came and sat on the parapet of an old building. The crow tilted its head left and then to right and to left again for few moments. Finally, […]

Solipsism – Are you sure what you know is the reality?

Solipsism is a philosophical theory, which asserts that nothing exists but the individual’s consciousness. At first, it seems silly, but if you think about it, it really is impossible to verify anything but your own consciousness. To check this out, take a moment to recall all the dreams that you have experienced in your life. […]

Dream Trails

“I am blogging about my dreams and passions for the Club Mahindra#DreamTrails activity at BlogAdda. You can get a Club Mahindra Membership to own your holidays!” I’m completely unrealistic about fundamental things in life like money, employment and love. Forget about the world and leave me with my books, camera and travelling, and I’ll be […]